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Why us?

Established Reputation – Latest Technology

Job Directory is where the right people meet the right jobs.

We’ve been opening the door to your opportunities since 1984 and we enjoy sharing in your success as so many walk through to a dream career and lifestyle.

We’re the multi-platform advertiser of choice for the industry. Utilising our growing network of interactive online listings, the downloadable digital Directory, weekly eNews and HR eNews, four social media platforms, and our exclusive national weekly printed issue, we provide maximum coverage directly to professional people. We're here to provide opportunity, with all the services and information you need, and none of the 'filler' you don't.

Yearly visitation to our ever-growing list of vacancies at now exceeds 2.3 million pa. Add to this our significant social media engagement across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and you're assured to reach the professional you need.

We've been specialising in Local Government for over 33 years, with the most promising and prosperous jobs arriving on your desk, emailed to your inbox, and available on our website as a listing or in the downloadable Directory on demand, on any device, we're always working to bring you more value!

Finding the Right Candidate

  • One choice, every option, one cost
  • Seven platforms – Australia's only weekly Local Government job publication in print, online, email and social media
  • Great value – up to 70% cheaper than major newspapers. Subscribe to save even more!
  • Targeted – advertising direct to Local Government professionals
  • Unmatched distribution – all states, all Councils, broad coverage of Local Government and semi-government authorities including government departments; water, sewerage and catchment management authorities; libraries; Aboriginal and Island Councils; engineering and IT firms, and much more!
  • No charge for in-house design (including graphics, logos and typesetting) and three-stage professional proofing for every ad
  • Trusted by Local Government for over 33 years

Multiple Channels – Maximum Coverage

One ad, all four channels, no extra charge;

  • Print issue (average of 35,000 readers every week)
  • Website listing (average of 140,000 views per month)
  • eNews direct to inboxes each week (over 9,800 professionals and over 2,600 employers)
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter Google+ and Facebook
  • Downloadable digital issue available to any device

Targeted Advertising

Our print edition goes to all the relevant authorities and thousands of individual subscribers

  • Every Municipal Authority in Australia
  • The Island Councils off Australia
  • Water Boards and Sewerage Authorities
  • Relevant Federal and State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Local Government personnel consultants
  • Catchment Management Authorities and Boards
  • Subscribing government experienced professionals
  • Libraries
  • Every Aboriginal Council
  • County Councils in New South Wales
  • Other semi Local Government authorities
  • Major Universities, Colleges of Advanced Education and TAFE Colleges throughout Australia
  • Organisations consulting / providing services to Local Government

Cost Effective

Where you'll pay $890 (or $1100 for non-subscribers) for an advertisement across all networks with us, this could cost up to $2,500 in a major daily newspaper.

Bookmark our website to keep checking in on our current vacancies, and be sure to subscribe online for the free weekly eNews.

Attractive Advertising Rates (*GST exclusive)

Subscriber Rate Non-Subscriber Rate Saving per ad
Mini $290* $350* $60*
Quarter page $490* $590* $100*
Half Page $890* $1100* $210*
Full Page $1190* $1450* $260*
Double Page $1950* $2410* $460*

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