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There are two easy ways to advertise in The Australian Local Government Job Directory

Our weekly deadline for receiving advertising material is 5pm AEST EVERY Thursday.

Advertising Agency bookings via phone or email are required by 12noon AEST, with material required by 3pm AEST each Thursday.

All ads are on our website as both listings and in the downloadable Directory each Friday, with social media activity every day, while print issues arrive on desks across the nation from  every Monday.

For more information phone Anne, Kat, Julie, and Kate on (03) 5441 9800 or email

2017 Advertising Rates & Specifications

*All rates are GST exclusive.

Your rates include your advertisement in print, online as both a listing and in the downloadable Directory, emailed to subscribing professionals in weekly eNews, and
featured across our social media networks of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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The Australian Local Government Job Directory Pty. Ltd.
Address: PO Box 816, Bendigo Victoria, Australia 3552
ABN 92 099 027 166
Telephone: (03) 5441 9800

Advertising Deadlines

Copy should reach us by 3pm (AEST) on the Thursday before Monday's publication date if proofs are required, or 5pm (AEST) without a proof.

Advertising agencies are required to have material to us by 3pm (AEST), with phone bookings to be made by noon (AEST).

For more information phone: Anne, Kat, Julie or Kate on (03) 5441 9800.


61mm x 42mm
30 word count  
Subscriber $290*
Non-subscriber $350*


61mm x 183mm
180 word count
Subscriber $890*
Non-subscriber $1,100*


128mm x 183mm
300 word count
Subscriber $1,190*
Non-subscriber $1,450*


61mm x 89mm
100 word count
Subscriber $490*
Non-subscriber $590*


128mm x 89mm
150 word count
Subscriber $890*
Non-subscriber $1,100*


276mm x 183mm
600 word count
Subscriber $1,950*
Non-subscriber $2,410*

Subscriptions (GST exclusive)

Subscribe and save on your advertising rates
Subscribing keeps dollars in your community and saves an average of 20% off every ad, every time!

Subscriber Rate Saving per ad
Mini $ 290* $ 60*
Quarter page $ 490* $ 100*
Half page $ 890* $ 210*
Full page $ 1190* $ 260*
Double page $ 1950* $ 460*

*All rates are GST exclusive

Subscriber Benefits

Looking for even more value from The Australian Local Government Job Directory? Subscribe for the best rates in the business!

Subscription to The Australian Local Government Job Directory network provides you with the assurance that you receive an average of 20% off each and every ad you place in the next calendar year.

This discount not only means you receive even better value across your print ads, online listings and social media interaction, but as a subscriber, you’ll also receive special offers, complimentary copies of the weekly print directory, access to our toll free hotline, double the social media activity, and one complimentary half page ad during 2017, meaning that your subscription pays for itself!

In 2017, Subscribers will be introduced to new features across the Job Directory's digital network, with information being provided directly to Subscribing Councils / organisations. Want to learn more? Please contact Kat in our office.

Savings you could enjoy over the next year if you place six ads during the next 12 months...
* Full page, save $1,560
* Half page, save $1,260
* Quarter page, save $600

Every dollar counts, so subscribe, save and keep those extra dollars for your community.

Subscription for the 2017 calendar year is $890 (GST exclusive).

It's easy to subscribe and start saving today, simply call us on (03) 5441 9800 Monday to Friday 9am – 5m AEST or email

Contact our office for Subscriptions

The Australian Local Government Job Directory Pty. Ltd.
Address: PO Box 816, Bendigo VIC 3552
Telephone: (03) 5441 9800 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm AEST

Receive a free Introductory Package for advertisers, with...

  • Advertising Rates Card, Specifications and Deadlines
  • Instructions on how to place an advertisement
  • Notebook
  • Complimentary copy of latest issue of our printed Directory
  • Subscriber benefits
  • Outline of social media interaction and engagement
  • Contact details for expert advice

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